NATO Parliamentary Assembly
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29 October 2014 - The Parliament of The Netherlands will host the NATO Parliamentary Assembly's 60th Annual Session in the Hague from Friday 21 November to Monday 24 November. The Session will bring together some 300 parliamentarians from the 28 NATO member countries from North America and Europe as well as delegates from partner countries and observers to discuss current transatlantic security matters and the reports prepared by the Assembly’s committees.
Mali, 27 October 2014 - There is a pressing need for governments of NATO countries to second more bilingual staff officers to bolster the UN force working to stabilize Mali, which continues to confront mounting security challenges north of the Niger River. Military officers and UN officials told a visiting delegation of NATO Parliamentarians visiting Mali that they need more military staff officers capable of operating to NATO standard and able to communicate in both French and English to raise the operational effectiveness of UN forces.
KYIV, 27 October 2014 – The 26 October early parliamentary elections marked an important step in consolidating democratic elections in line with international commitments, and were characterized by many positive aspects, including an impartial and efficient Central Election Commission (CEC), competitive contests that offered voters real choice, and general respect for fundamental freedoms, international observers concluded in a preliminary statement released today. The new parliament should ensure that key reforms are passed, and grievances should be resolved with respect for the rule of law and through democratic institutions, the observers said.
Following an official invitation from Oleksandr Turchynov, Speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) will send a delegation to observe the conduct of the parliamentary elections which will take place in the country on Sunday 26 October 2014.
Warsaw, 15 October - Radoslaw Sikorski, Marshal of the Polish Sejm, warned the delegation attending the 87th Rose Roth Seminar that the democratic nations of the ‘free world’ will face increasing challenges as Russia attempts to restructure the post-Cold War security order to suit its interests.