NATO Parliamentary Assembly


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In order to fulfil its core mission, the Assembly holds some 40 activities every year, which bring together between 10 and 350 members of parliament in various formats. These meetings provide a unique specialised forum for dialogue and frank debate among the parliamentary delegates on security issues.

Most of the Assembly's substantive work is carried out by its five Committees divided in eight Sub‑Committees which cover the major security and policy challenges confronting Allied countries.

The Committees and Sub-Committees produce Reports on critical issues affecting the Alliance and prepare  Policy Recommendations for consideration by the Assembly in its Plenary Session. If adopted by the full Assembly, the Policy Recommendations are forwarded, as appropriate, to member and associate member parliaments and governments, NATO authorities and of course made available to the larger public via the NATO PA web site.

The Committee and Sub-Committee Reports and Policy Recommendations are prepared by a Member of Parliament, appointed by his peers to serve as Rapporteur on a specific topic of interest for the Committee.

All the Committees meet during the Spring and Autumn Assembly Sessions to discuss and adopt Committee Reports and Policy Recommendations. In order to inform their deliberations on these documents, the Committees receive briefings from senior government officials, leaders of international organisations and other experts. They also organise fact-finding visits to NATO member or partner countries.

Besides these Committee activities, the Assembly implements a wide-ranging programme of outreach activities which focus on cooperation and partnerships and provide additional tools for engaging with parliaments and civil society, mostly in non-NATO member countries.

Dedicated bilateral and regional fora allow members of the NATO PA to meet with their counterparts in Ukraine, Georgia, the Middle East and North Africa, and formerly, also Russia.