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HomeDOCUMENTSPolicy Recommendations200515 November 2005, Copenhagen, Denmark - RESOLUTION on ENHANCED COMMON FUNDING OF NATO OPERATIONS


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* presented by the Defence and Security Committee

The Assembly,

1. Recognizing that the NATO Response Force (NRF) is composed of forces from member countries in rotation, but on a voluntary basis;

2. Recognizing that the Alliance relies on the national military capabilities of its members;

3. Further recognizing that some costs are borne jointly through the common budgets of the Alliance;

4. Understanding that those common budgets pay for a range of expenses and have been increased or adjusted throughout the history of the Alliance to adapt to changing circumstances;

5. Welcoming the recently agreed "Revised Funding Policy for Non-Article 5 NATO-led Operations", which will enhance common funding of NATO operations;

6. Concerned that the current principle of "costs lie where they fall" is problematic because it leaves virtually the entire financial burden of participating in NRF operations on the member countries that are on-call at the time of the deployment;

7. Recognizing that this is not a fair system as the decision to deploy is taken by all 26 members of the Alliance;

8. Concerned that such a financial impact might further discourage participation in the NRF and other on-call forces;

9. Further concerned that failure to address this issue now will negatively affect NATO out-of-area operations in the future, thus undermining one of the key strategic purposes of the Alliance;

10. But understanding that any enhanced common funding of operations should be carefully balanced between nationally-funded items and those funded commonly by the Alliance;

11. Further understanding that contributions to common budgets must be seen as part of the overall burden-sharing assessment;

12. Noting the importance that the Secretary General of NATO has attached to this issue;

13. Further noting that discussions at various levels of NATO are producing potentially viable ideas for enhanced common funding of operations;

14. URGES the member governments of the Alliance and their representatives at the North Atlantic Council to move forward rapidly with a concrete plan for enhancing common funding of NATO operations:

a. that would spread in part, the burden of participation in NATO out-of-area operations, across the members of the Alliance;

b. that would be apportioned in a manner consistent with the existing common budget formulas; and,

c. that would specifically address the additional transportation costs incurred by national militaries as a result of their participation in NATO on-call forces.