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* presented by the Political Committee

The Assembly,

1. Recognizing that Kosovo's current status quo is unsustainable and also recognizing that any agreement on the future status of the province will have an important impact on the stability of South-East Europe as a whole;

2. Commending the Alliance, and in particular the Kosovo Force (KFOR), for successfully securing and stabilising the province; 

3. Supporting the role of the UN in further stabilising the situation in Kosovo in line with UN Security Council resolution 1244;

4. Welcoming the report by the UN Secretary General's Special Envoy, Ambassador Kai Eide; 

5. Welcoming the appointment of Martti Ahtisaari by the UN Secretary General as his Special Envoy on the future status of Kosovo;

6. Recognizing that the joint future of the province and the region lies in full European and transatlantic integration, which rules out any form of discrimination and which requires the establishment of the rule of law;

7. URGES governments and parliaments of member and partner countries of the North Atlantic Alliance:

a. to remain committed to securing peace and stability in the province and South-East Europe as a whole by ensuring an international military and civilian presence as long as the situation requires;

b. to monitor closely developments in Kosovo and in Serbia and Montenegro and to contribute to realizing the integration of the entire region in the Euro-Atlantic institutions, on the condition of full co-operation with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY);

c. to state that the preferred outcome of negotiations is an institutional arrangement that will allow for the establishment of a stable multi-ethnic society in Kosovo and to support and monitor the further implementation of the standards established by the Contact Group to the Kosovo Provisional Institutions of Self-Government;

d. to underline that Kosovo will continue for some time to need an international civilian and military presence to exercise appropriate supervision of compliance of the provisions of the Status Settlement, to ensure security and, in particular, protection of minorities, as well as to monitor and support the authorities in the continued implementation of standards;

e. to assist the Kosovo Albanians and Serbs to reach an agreement that allows for further decentralisation and, if necessary, municipal and administrative adjustments within Kosovo;

f. to assist further democratisation inside Kosovo;

8. URGES the government, the parliament and all political forces in Kosovo and Serbia and Montenegro: 

a. to co-operate pro-actively with the international community to achieve an agreement that respects and accommodates the interests of all parties;

b. to respect and protect fully the rights of Kosovo Serbs and other minorities, as well as the cultural and religious heritage of Kosovo;

c. to spare no efforts in order to rebuild mutual confidence and to create conditions that would allow displaced Serbs and other minorities to return to the province and live in peace;

d. to move the process of decentralisation forward.