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 22 November 2014 - Health Expert Appeals for Calm Over Ebola, Warns More Diseases Likely
 22 November 2014 - NATO nations urged to boost support to frontline states in Syria refugee crisis
 21 November 2014 - International tension heightens role of NATO Parliamentary Assembly
 20 November 2014 - Ukraine conflict, Afghan security and Middle East top agenda at NATO PA's 60th Annual Session
 10 November 2014 - Europe needs to deal more effectively with illegal immigration, NATO Parliamentarians are told
 5 November 2014 - NATO PA President condemns holding of sham elections in Donetsk and Luhansk
 31 October 2014 - NATO PA President congratulates Ukrainian people on elections, warns against illegal elections planned in Donetsk and Luhansk
 29 October 2014 - MEDIA ADVISORY - NATO PA 60th Annual Session, 21-24 November, The Hague
 27 October 2014 -UN Needs Bilingual Staff Officers Trained to NATO Standards in Mali
 27 October 2014 -Many positive aspects of Ukraine elections an important step, and new parliament should take opportunity to advance key reforms, international observers say
 24 October 2014 - International election observers in Ukraine to hold press conference on Monday
 20 October 2014 - NATO PA delegation to observe parliamentary elections in Ukraine
 15 October 2014 – Action Needed on Eastern Flank to Stop Putin’s Bid to Revise Eastern European Political Landscape
 4 October 2014 - Growing instability in Europe’s southern neighbourhood forces the Euro-Atlantic community to re-think its toolbox
 3 October 2014 - Catania, Italy – On Anniversary of Lampedusa Tragedy, Assembly President calls for European initiatives to deal with Mediterranean Refugee Crisis
 22 September 2014 - NATO on track to implement decisions taken at the Wales Summit, NATO Parliamentarians informed
 London, 5 September 2014 - NATO at a turning point, NATO PA President tells Allied leaders
 London, 3 September 2014 - Approaching the Summit 2014
 London 2 September 2014 - Hugh Bayley welcomes NATO website on Afghanistan
 London, 2 September 2014 - NATO PA President to Address Summit Leaders
 London, 28 August 2014 - NATO Parliamentary Assembly UK Delegation to Host ‘Approaching the Summit 2014’
 25 July 2014 - Assembly President Hugh Bayley Expresses Strong Support for Georgia’s Bid for NATO Membership
 24 July 2014 - Russia’s Actions against Ukraine “Unacceptable in the 21st century”, Assembly President Bayley tells Prime Minister Yatsenyuk
 23 July 2014 - We Must Support Moldova’s Right to Determine its Own Place in Europe, NATO PA President says
 19 July 2014 - Statement by NATO PA President on Malaysian Airlines crash in Ukraine
 27 June 2014 - Germany concerned about Russia’s revisionism, but calls for a non-confrontational approach
 26 June 2014 - Positive progress in Kosovo underscores Belgrade and Pristina’s commitment to EU-led normalisation process, despite challenges
 26 June 2014 - Kosovo officials say concerns about establishment of armed forces are unfounded
 19 June 2014 - Nobuo Kishi urges stricter European Control of Arms and Dual-Use Exports to China
 19 June 2014 - Window of opportunity for nuclear deal with Iran, but prospects for broader cooperation uncertain
 19 June 2014 - Azerbaijan determined to strengthen strategic partnership with NATO and EU, officials tell NATO legislators at Baku seminar
 19 June 2014 - Help Afghanistan set conditions for stability beyond 2014, NATO parliamentarians urged at Baku seminar
 18 June 2014 - No new Great Game, no new Cold War, but Ukraine crisis affects strategic calculus in South Caucasus
 16 June 2014 - NATO PA seminar kicks off in Baku with exchange between Azerbaijani, Armenian MPs on Nagorno-Karabakh
 10 June 2014 - Vital need to sustain public support for NATO
 1 June 2014 - Parliamentary debates highlight hybrid warfare threat
 1 June 2014 - Europe could launch joint-drone scheme within a decade
 1 June 2014 - Russia must a pay high price for Ukraine aggression
 1 June 2014 - Afghan future bleak if support wanes post-2014
 1 June 2014 - NATO PA debates greater Western humanitarian, security and diplomatic roles in Syrian conflict
 1 June 2014 - NATO PA debates Asia-Pacific security
 1 June 2014 - Italy calls for internationalisation of dispute over sailors detained in India
 1 June 2014 - North Korea nuclear aims more dangerous than Iran’s
 1 June 2014 - Ukraine crisis exposes Europe’s energy flaws
 31 May 2014 - NATO PA debates Trans-Atlantic Trade negotiations
 31 May 2014 - Ignore Mali at Your Peril, NATO deputies warned
 31 May 2014 - Russia’s actions in Ukraine underscore need for more NATO defence spending, lawmakers say
 31 May 2014 - NATO Parliamentary Assembly debates wider security threats posed by Russian aggression in Ukraine
 30 May 2014 - NATO Parliamentary Assembly urges firmer sanctions over Ukraine
 30 May 2014 - NATO urged to step up support for Ukraine
 29 May 2014 - Ukraine conflict, Russia tensions top agenda at NATO PA Spring Session
 26 May 2014 - Despite violence and threats in east, Ukraine election characterized by high turnout and resolve to guarantee fundamental freedoms, international observers say
 24 May 2014 - International election observers in Ukraine to hold press conference on Monday
 13 May 2014 - Presidential Election, not “Potemkin Referendums”, will be Real Expression of Democracy in Ukraine
 8 May 2014 - Boost Defense Spending U.S Leaders tell Visiting NATO Parliamentary Delegation
 7 May 2014 - MEDIA ADVISORY: NATO PA Spring Session 30 May - 1 June 2014, Vilnius, Lithuania
 22 April 2014 - In Morocco, NATO Parliamentarians discuss the country’s reforms and contribution to regional security
 5 April 2014 - Standing Ovation for Outgoing Treasurer, Senator Pierre Claude Nolin
 5 April 2014 - NATO Parliamentary Assembly affirms support for Ukraine and bars the Russian Parliament from its meetings
 31 March 2014 - NATO’s continued engagement in the South Caucasus is critical for the region’s stability, NATO parliamentarians hear in Tbilisi and Yerevan
 22 March 2014 - Bosnia and Herzegovina Facing a ‘Watershed’ Moment: NATO Parliamentarians told in Sarajevo
 20 March 2014 - NATO Parliamentary Assembly contributes to NATO project on the Transatlantic Bond for Wales Summit
 19 March 2014 - NATO Parliamentary Assembly President “aghast” at Putin speech on annexation of Crimea and calls for deeds not words on sanctions
 17 March 2014 – NATO PA President Supports EU-US Sanctions on Russia and Calls for Urgent Dialogue to Prevent Effective Annexation of Crimea.
 17 March 2014 - NATO Parliamentary Assembly to Debate Future Prospects for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Balkans Security
 5 March 2014 - NATO PA President calls on Russia to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and start talks to end crisis
 1 March 2014 - NATO PA President calls for restraint and says Russian military intervention in Ukraine would be illegal and unjustified
 24 February 2014 - NATO PA President supports democratic transition process in Ukraine and welcomes the liberation of Yulia Tymoshenko
 24 February 2014 - As the planet warms, energy poverty is pervasive
 21 February 2014 - NATO PA President calls on Ukrainian authorities to follow through on agreement to end the crisis
 19 February 2014 - NATO PA President urges the Ukrainian authorities to cease violence against Maidan protestors and resume talks with opposition immediately
 19 February 2014 - Transatlantic Solidarity and Opportunities for Expanded Co-operation
 17 February 2014 - North Atlantic Council and NATO Parliamentary Assembly discuss NATO Summit priorities
 14 February 2014 - NATO Parliamentarians urge Ukraine’s leaders to seize window of opportunity as tensions rise
 21 January 2014 - NATO Parliamentary Assembly President Hugh Bayley expresses profound concern about the situation in Kyiv, Ukraine
 Press releases Archive
 10 January 2014 - Enhanced cooperation between parliamentary assemblies on the agenda of meeting of Secretaries General
 Member's Corner
 Statement - Ukraine, Syria and Iran - Mr William Hague
 Official Speeches and transcripts
 Speech from NATO PA President Karl A. Lamers at the EAPC meeting, 18 Sept 2012, Brussels
 NATO CHICAGO SUMMIT - Address by NATO PAa President Karl A. Lamers, 20 May 2012
 SMART DEFENCE - Speech by NATO PA President, Dr Karl.A. Lamers at the Conference on Smart Defence in South Eastern Europe, Tirana, 23 April 2012
 SMART DEFENCE - Speech by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Secretary General at the Conference on Smart Defence in South Eastern Europe, Tirana, Albania, 23 April 2012
 Speech by Dr Karl A Lamers, President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, at the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, 19 April 2011
 Speech by the NATO PA President Dr Karl A. Lamers at the conference “NATO after Lisbon”, Parliament of Portugal
 Speech by the NATO PA President, Karl A. Lamers to the NATO Summit of Heads of State and Government, Lisbon, Portugal
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