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Horn of Africa Project Director, International Crisis Group, Nairobi
Meeting of the Economics and Security Committee and the Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security on Saturday 13 November


Languages: English (native), Dutch (spoken), German (spoken)

Crisis Group role

EJ Hogendoorn and Crisis Group’s Horn of Africa analysts based in Nairobi prepare analytical reports on the sources of conflict and violence in the region, with a particular focus on Eritrea/Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Sudan. He has examined conflicts in Somalia and Sudan. His team has looked at the continuing conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia, electoral violence in Kenya, and produced a series of reports on the conflict in Somalia, and the conflicts in Sudan. EJ frequently briefs the media, international organisations and government representatives on these issues.


Areas of expertise

Horn of Africa

Arms embargoes and sanctions

Arms trade

Humanitarian impact of weapons use

Peacekeeping and peacemaking

Political economy of conflict

Professional background

Arms Expert, United Nations Panel of Experts on Sudan (2005–2006)

Arms Expert, United Nations Panel of Experts on Somalia (2002–2003)

Researcher, Human Rights Watch Arms Division (1995–2000)

PhD in Public Affairs (Security Studies), Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University, Princeton, U.S. Title “The Humanitarian Impact of International Arms Embargoes: can arms end or limit violent conflict?”

Publications and Media (selection)

Report of the United Nations Panel of Experts established pursuant to paragraph 3 of Security Council Resolution 1591 (2005) concerning the Sudan, S/2006/65, 30 January 2006.

“No First Use of Nuclear Weapons,” with Harold Feiveson, The Nonproliferation Review, vol. 10, no. 2, Summer 2003.

Report of the United Nations Panel of Experts on Somalia Pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1425 (2002), S/2003/223, 24 February 2003.

“Antipersonnel Weapons,” with Eric Prokosch, chapter in War or Health: a Reader, Zed Books, 2002.

“Chemical Warfare in Bosnia, The Strange Experiences of the Srebrenica Survivors,” with Dr. Alastair Hay, A Human Rights Watch Short Report, November 1998.

“Clouds of War: The Chemical Warfare Program of the Former Yugoslavia,” A Human Rights Watch Short Report, March 1997.

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Presentation at the Committee on Civiol Dimension ... 16 Nov 2010  Download (1,457294 Mb)
Is Devolved Security the Answer for Somalia?
Presentation at the Economics and Security Committ ... 13 Nov 2010  Download (1,594215 Mb)
The Economic Dimensions of Conflict in Somalia