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Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Munk School of International Affairs, University of Toronto, and Lecturer on Cyber Security Llaw, Tallinn Technical University

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Saturday 26 May


Doctor Iuris Tartu University (Estonia), Faculty of Law, areas of interest: Information Technology and Cyber Defense law (2004-2011) Thesis: Comprehensive Legal Approach to Cyber Security
U.S. National Defense University, Chief Information Assurance Officer Course (2009-2010)
Visiting Student, Freiburg University (Germany), Seminar on Personal Data Protection supervised by Prof. F. Schoch (Oct 2005)
Magister Iuris, Tartu University, Faculty of Law, areas of interest: IT and Electronic Communications law (2000-2004) Thesis: The Right to Informational Self-Determination
Long-Term Attending Student, Stockholm University (Sweden), Department of Law, LL.M Program on EU Intellectual Property Law (Jan-Apr 2004)
Long-Term Attending Student, Stockholm University, Department of Law, IT & Law LL.M Program, (Aug-Dec 2003)
Visiting Student, Helsinki University (Finland) (Mar-Apr 2003)
Baccalaureus Artium, (Law), University of Tartu, Faculty of Law, areas of interest: public international law and law of armed conflicts, human rights (1994-1998)
German Class graduate, Tartu Raatuse Gymnasium (1994)

Professional / consulting experience

University of Toronto, Munk School of Global Affairs, Post-Doctoral Fellow (2011-2012)
C2GO (index, repository and infographics of cyber security related content), founder and CEO, 2012
Estonian Information Systems Authority, regulation of and state supervision over security of information systems supporting life-critical services and functions (Oct 2011-Jan 2012)
Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCD COE) acting Legal and Policy Branch Chief (2010-2011), Head of the Legal Task Team (2008-2009), Legal Advisor (2007-2009)
Estonian Ministry of Defense, Head of the Cyber Defence Legal Expert Team (2007-2008)
Estonian Statistics Board, legal consultant for National Census Law reform (2008-2009, 2010-2013)
Estonian Ministry of Justice, adviser on information law and legal policy (2007)
Estonian Defense Forces, Scientist (Cyber Defence Law) (2006-2007)
Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, expert on E-Health Information System (data protection law) (2006)
Estonian Informatics Centre, legal expert on personal data, databases and public information law (2007-2009)
LEXTAL Law Firm (2004-2006) attorney
Law Firm Teder & Partnerid (2003-2004) lawyer
Estonian Law Centre, Training Program for Judges and Prosecutors, lecturer on IT and law
DLL Ltd. (2000-2004) lawyer and partner
Contract-based consulting projects with the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate and the Estonian Chancellor of Justice (2005-2006) and several Estonian private sector companies.



Swedish National Defense College, legal modules of the Chief Information Assurance Officer Course, since 2010
Tallinn Technical University, cyber defense legal framework for IT/Cyber defense students, since 2008
Tartu University, lecturer on information law and legislative drafting (2006-2008)
Estonian Business School, lecturer, courses on IT and E-Commerce Law (2004-2007)
Estonian Academy of State Defence, lecturer on Information law and public information systems (2004-2007)
Estonian Military Academy, lecturer on state defense law, public international law and human rights law (1998-2002)
Estonian E-Governance Academy, lecturer on IT law and legal policy


Fieldwork and participation in R&D programs


George Mason University (USA), Research Fellow at the Center for Infrastructure Protection in the School of Law (2009)
NATO Cyber Defence Task Force, Legal Aspects of NATO Cyber Defence Concept (2007-2008)
Tartu University/Estonian Science Foundation, Harmonization of Information Law and Legal Theoretical Approach to Regulation of Information (2005-2009)
Tartu University/Estonian Science Foundation, Estonian Legal Space in Global Legal Space (2007-2011)
Estonian Ministry of Economy and Communications, Legal Expert Group on Cyber Defense (2007)
Estonian Ministry of Defense, Joint Analysis Group on Cyber Defense and National Cyber Strategy (2007)
Estonian Ministry of Justice, leading preparations for 2nd Data Protection Evaluation for Schengen Information System (2007)
Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, Legal Expert to the E-Health Information System (2006)
UNESCO ICII Conference, Delegate of UNESCO ENC, Mainz (2002); Leiden (2005)
Joint Seminar of Kiel and Lund Universities “Unification of International and EU Law in the Field of IT” (2002)


Professional association


Estonian Bar Association, member since 2004 (membership suspended due to public service)
Law Philosophy Society of Estonia, member
LinkedIn CSFI-LPD group, founder


Language competences 1…5

Estonian (mother tongue, 5), English (4), German (3), Russian (3)