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Fight against Daesh, military action in Syria key focus of NATO parliamentarians’ discussions in Florence

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Brussels / Florence 25 November 2015, NATO Parliamentarians will meet on 26-27 November in Florence, Italy, to review the international strategy against Daesh in the wake of the 13 November terrorist attacks in Paris. They will also examine efforts to better coordinate international military action in Syria, particularly following the downing of a Russian fighter aircraft by the Turkish air force yesterday, which Ankara states violated its airspace and ignored repeated warning.

“There is no cheap way to win this fight”, noted Andrea Manciulli, Head of the Italian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and author of a report on Daesh to be presented in Florence. “ISIS/Daesh is a multifaceted entity: it is a political movement, as well as a religious, social and military force. The fight against Daesh cannot therefore be won only with military confrontation but at the same time it cannot be defeated without military force”, the report reads.

The high-level seminar hosted by the Italian parliament will bring together over 200 participants including some 100 parliamentarians from 38 countries. Several parliamentary delegations from North Africa and the Middle East will attend, including Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain and Kuwait.

The conference will feature addresses by Italy’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs, of Defence and of the Interior, EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, and a range of experts from the region.

“We are faced with a common enemy – terrorism - which spreads death in country after country. In such circumstances, we must show the strength of civilisation over violence, as well as the power of dialogue”, commented Gilbert Le Bris of France, Chairman of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group, noting that in just a week Mali and Tunisia had also been the target of terrorist attacks.

This NATO PA event is open to the media and will be broadcast live. For any media queries: / +32 475 752 725 | Twitter: @natopapress | Seminar Hashtag: #GSMflorence