NATO Parliamentary Assembly
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Stavanger, 10 October 2015 - Europe remains prey to terror attacks and they are changing in nature, parliamentarians from NATO nations were told Saturday, as two blasts at a peace rally in Turkey killed more than 80 people. “The terror threat to Europe remains on the rise,” Petter Nesser from the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment told members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security.
Stavanger, 10 October - NATO PA President Hon Michael R. Turner condemns today’s terrorist attack in the Turkish capital Ankara. “On behalf of all the members of the NATO PA, I strongly condemn the terrorist attack on a rally in Ankara, and offer solidarity to our NATO ally Turkey. This attack on people marching peacefully will only strengthen the international community’s resolve to fight terrorism in all its forms.” “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims, and those who have been injured. I would like to offer them my sincere condolences.”
Stavanger, 10 October, 2015 – NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly on Saturday debated mounting concerns about Russia’s military build up in the Arctic and its security implications for the High North region. “While we do not see a military threat against Norway at this point in time, the situation is uncertain and unpredictable in the High North,” said Norwegian Defence Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide, who addressed legislators on the opening day of the NATO PA annual session.
Stavanger, 8 October 2015 - Lawmakers from across the NATO Alliance meet this week to discuss the international security situation against a backdrop of heightened tension with Russia following Moscow’s military build-up in Syria and violation of Turkish airspace. In a series of resolutions, the annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly is expected to urge Alliance leaders to step up efforts to counter Russian propaganda, increase support for the Ukrainian government and maintain economic sanctions on Moscow until it fully abides with its international commitments.
Brussels, 7 October 2015 - Tunisia’s fledgling democracy requires significant international support and solidarity in the wake of recent terrorist attacks at the Bardo Museum and the seaside town of Sousse. The new parliament in post-revolutionary Tunisia is slated to play a critical role in building a democratic society but needs to build up its capacity to serve as an effective partner in government and an expression of the public will. These were among the key insights a delegation of 12 national parliamentarians from eight NATO member countries derived from a visit to Tunisia from 28 September-1st October.