NATO Parliamentary Assembly
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Belgrade, 30 March 2015 - In the lead-up to the 88th Rose-Roth Seminar in Belgrade, beginning on 31 March, members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly participated in a conference organized by the Atlantic Council of Serbia, discussing the benefits and drawbacks of Euro-Atlantic integration with some 30 participants from civil society, parliaments, and governments
Belgrade, 30 March 2015 - Following the Individual Partnership Action Plan, signed between Serbia and NATO in January 2015, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly's 88th Rose Roth Seminar “Serbia, the Western Balkans, and the Euro-Atlantic Community” will open in Serbia’s parliament on Tuesday 31 March.
Paris / Brussels, 19 March 2015 - Following the murderous attack on the Bardo museum on Wednesday 18 March, today Gilbert Le Bris, Chairman of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group, expressed the Assembly's solidarity with Tunisia.
Ankara, Turkey 12 March 2015 - While the Iraqi government, supported by the U.S.-led coalition, makes slow progress against Daesh in Iraq, the situation in Syria continues to deteriorate. To stabilise the region the international community and NATO Allies need to move beyond applying short-term stop-gap measures and develop a comprehensive strategy which should include a no-fly zone and safe areas in northern Syria.
Tokyo, 10 March 2015 - Japan and NATO share common values, as well as common security challenges, which they should address jointly. This was the key message a group of leading NATO parliamentarians brought with them on their visit to Tokyo.