NATO Parliamentary Assembly
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Brussels, 23 November 2015 - The Ukraine-NATO Interparliamentary Council (UNIC), the parliamentary counterpart to the NATO-Ukraine Commission, has come together at a time when the international community has been compelled to refocus its attention on the serious challenge that Daesh and other terrorist groups pose to our societies. Ten days after the horrendous attacks in Paris and at a time when Brussels was on highest threat alert, we have expressed our deepest sympathy and unswerving solidarity with France and all nations that have been the victims of terrorism.
Brussels / Florence 25 November 2015, NATO Parliamentarians will meet on 26-27 November in Florence, Italy, to review the international strategy against Daesh in the wake of the 13 November terrorist attacks in Paris. They will also examine efforts to better coordinate international military action in Syria, particularly following the downing of a Russian fighter aircraft by the Turkish air force yesterday, which Ankara states violated its airspace and ignored repeated warning.
Brussels, 19 November 2015 - The Republic of Moldova’s ruling elites have to resolutely tackle corruption and conduct necessary reforms if the country is to stay on the European track of development. The international community stands ready to help, but Moldovan leaders have to demonstrate statesmanship and to ensure that European slogans are not merely used as a disguise for corrupt politicians and oligarchs to preserve their power and influence.
Brussels, 19 November 2015 – Speaking at the Atlantic Treaty Association General Assembly today, Secretary General of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly David Hobbs stressed the importance of a multifaceted response to the new threat of global jihadi terrorism. “We need to mobilise hard and soft power, internal and external tools, nations and international organisations. We need to work together internationally on the military strategy to deny Daesh its goals in the Middle East. In addition, both the EU and NATO should work on their partnerships to build capacity and good governance in the region. Bad governance gives Daesh a political foothold”.
Washington DC, 14 November 2015 – Hon. Michael R. Turner (United States) has condemned yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Paris as an outrage which is an affront to all civilized societies. “Yesterday’s attacks against the people of France were yet further demonstrations of an appalling ideology which is an affront to all civilized societies,” said Mr Turner.