The NATO PA addresses the gravest security crisis in the Euro-Atlantic area in a generation across its work programme, including in the reports in the Assembly’s five Committees and the Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group.

Relevant 2022 Committee Reports

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Report Title

How it addresses Russia’s war against Ukraine and lessons for NATO

CDS General Report

Strengthening the protection of Allied critical infrastructure against cyberthreats

  • Russia’s use of cyber operations against critical services
  • Cyber defense and resilience lessons for NATO and Allies


Acting to preserve the humanitarian space: what role for the Allies and for NATO

  • Russia's failure to respect international law and the obligation to preserve the humanitarian space in its war against Ukraine
  • NATO’s need to rethink its role in preserving the humanitarian space and meeting the needs of civilian populations affected by conflicts

DSC General Report

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Implications for Allied Collective Defence and Imperatives for the new Strategic Concept

  • the international security environment facing Allies after the Russian renewed invasion
  • reinforcement of Allied defence and deterrence posture in response to the Russia-Ukraine crisis and war
  • need for even more collective defence investments


Offense-Defence Imbalance: NATO’s Cyber Challenge

  • Russia’s use of cyber operations before and during the war
  • Lessons learnt on the relative utility of cyber instruments

DSC Special Report

Ukraine's Fight for Freedom & Allied and Global Response to Russia's War


  • genesis and the evolution of the Russian military aggression in Ukraine
  • political and practical support NATO and individual Allies provided to Ukraine
  • lessons for NATO and the implications for its military posture

ESC General Report

Strategic and Economic Challenges Posed by Corruption

  • corruption as an organising principle of the Russian state to control and repress inside Russia and to advance its geopolitical agenda outside Russia
  • post-invasion sanctions against persons and legal entities connected directly or indirectly with the Russian regime
  • need for Allies and NATO itself to consider corruption a fundamental security threat


The Western Balkans: Russia’s War on Ukraine and the Region’s Enduring Challenges

  • impact of the war in Ukraine on the Western Balkans and potential spill-over effects, including Russia further exploiting instability
  • need for Euro-Atlantic community to continue securing the Western Balkans from malign Russian influence


Strategic Trade Challenges: Securing Essential Industries and Supply Chains

  • need to redirect trade in key areas from Russia, including oil and gas
  • need to cut Russia off from Western high technology and other strategic sectors

PC General Report

NATO’s Political and Security Adaptation in Response to Russia’s War: Rethinking the Strategic Concept

  • implications of the Russian renewed invasion for the Alliance writ large
  • NATO's need to prioritise its core task of defence and deterrence in the new Strategic Concept
  • NATO's need to capitalise on the unity the Alliance demonstrates during this conflict


The Future of Warfare

  • characteristics of Russia’s conduct of war against Ukraine


Shared Migration Challenges: The Transatlantic Community and the MENA Region

  • impact of the massive refugee flows from Ukraine on the management of the migration challenge from the Alliance’s South

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