The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented and multidimensional crisis, affecting citizens’ health and even their way of life, the global economy, and also international security.

In a time when the Assembly cannot meet in person, the NATO PA continues offering its members a platform to exchange views on, among other:

  • managing the immediate crisis and its aftermath,
  • national and NATO responses, in particular the contribution of the armed forces,
  • medium - and long-term effects for Allies, NATO, and partners,
  • lessons which Allies and NATO must learn for a second COVID-19 wave and similar crises testing their resilience,
  • continuing to guarantee credible collective defence and deterrence in the face of ongoing security challenges,
  • countering disinformation campaigns by actors seeking to exploit the crisis,
  • protecting strategic assets and addressing supply chain vulnerabilities.

COVID-19 represents an opportunity to strengthen the Alliance and international cooperation. 

“We must build on the many forms of solidarity and cooperation between NATO nations in response to this crisis and, together, start learning the first lessons,” NATO PA President Attila Mesterhazy (Hungary) stresses. 

“It is my sincere hope that we will learn from this global crisis – and we must. Let it be a rallying cry for more solidarity, unity, and cooperation within the Alliance and across the whole world.”

On this page, you find all COVID-19-related NATO PA activities and news in one place, including:

  • official statements by the NATO PA President,
  • interviews with heads of national delegations to the NATO PA,
  • briefs on Assembly webinars with national, NATO, and other officials as well as renowned experts.


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