Former Research Assistant's Testimonials

“The Research Assistant Programme is a truly wonderful opportunity for any young graduate passionate about Euro-Atlantic security. Working as a Research Assistant at the NATO PA I honed my research and writing skills and gained a first-hand understanding of the policy side of NATO. During the traineeship I had the opportunity to delve into a variety of topics in the field of transatlantic security, defence and technology innovation allowing me to enrich my field of expertise." Giulia Moschetta (Italy), 2019 Research Assistant

"My experience at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly was a unique learning opportunity. I had the chance to work on very different topics, such as the Syrian conflict, the impact of artificial intelligence on defence and security, or the state of nuclear deterrence, to name only but a few. The traineeship was both an occasion to consolidate my knowledge on my areas of interest and to learn about new topics, since I was given much freedom regarding my topics of assignment. Research assistants are really trusted and given many responsibilities. RAs also participate in the Spring and annual sessions, which is a great opportunity to see the outcome of our work. I worked on a diversity of tasks, some of them more research focused, others more policy oriented. This was ideal to better understand what my professional expectations are. Finally, I felt like I was completely part of the NATO PA. It is rare to find a professional environment where colleagues and supervisors are as accessible and willing to help." Clara Durovray (France), 2019 Research Assistant

"A traineeship at NATO PA means being able to immerse yourself in the big issues of security politics with a great team. Attending the PA’s annual session and observing how parliamentarians from all NATO member states and partner countries engaged in lively debates was a particularly insightful experience for me." 
Susanne Bellers (Germany), 2019 Research Assistant

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