7 APRIL 2021
President Connolly condemns Russia’s first military build-up in and around Ukraine as reckless and irresponsible and underlines the Assembly’s firm support of Ukraine’s independence, territorial integrity and democracy.

27 APRIL 2021
The NATO PA establishes an informal support group for the Crimea Platform to further demonstrate the Assembly’s firm stance on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

23 AUGUST 2021
President Connolly and the late Ojars Eriks Kalnins (Latvia), then Co-chairperson of the UNIC, address the inaugural Summit of the Crimea Platform, reaffirming the Assembly’s unwavering support for Ukraine and their condemnation of Russia’s ongoing aggression and occupation.

26-27 OCTOBER 2021
In Odesa, Ukraine-NATO Interparliamentary Council (UNIC) discusses Black Sea security, takes stock of Ukrainian reforms and reaffirms full support for Ukraine.

18 NOVEMBER 2021
President Connolly denounces the repeat military build-up by Russia, urging Russia to stop its deliberate destabilisation and aggression against Ukraine.

16 DECEMBER 2021
The leadership of the Assembly meets with the Ukrainian delegation to discuss the renewed Russian military build-up.

24 JANUARY 2022
-UNIC meets in Brussels and expresses strong solidarity with Ukraine in the face of the Russian threat.
-UNIC Co-chairs release statement condemning Russia’s provocative, reckless and unjustified military build-up on the eastern borders of Ukraine and aggressive rhetoric.

NATO PA Standing Committee holds special discussion on the Russian threat against Ukraine, demonstrating unity and resolve and full support to Ukraine.

21 FEBRUARY 2022
-The NATO PA Bureau releases a statement on the grave security crisis provoked by Russia, condemning Russia’s continued military build-up and aggressive actions.
-The Assembly’s Standing Committee meets with the North Atlantic Council, taking stock of Russia’s massing of over 150,000 troops and discussing NATO’s response.
-President Connolly condemns in the strongest terms the recognition of the independence of the so-called “Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics”.

22 FEBRUARY 2022
-President Connolly, the UNIC Co-Chairs, members of the Ukrainian delegation and Ukrainian officials hold meeting to discuss the impact of President Putin’s latest aggressive actions.
-The Head of the Ukrainian delegation addresses the Standing Committee to update the members on the Russian threat to Ukraine. 
-The Standing Committee adopts its recommendations for the new NATO Strategic Concept, which stresses that Russia’s aggressive actions, including against Ukraine, represent the principal threat to Euro-Atlantic security.

24 FEBRUARY 2022
President Connolly condemns the further invasion in the strongest terms and reaffirms the Assembly's unwavering support for Ukraine, its sovereignty, territorial integrity and right to self-defense and self-determination.

26 FEBRUARY 2022
-The Bureau, joined by other Assembly leaders, holds an emergency meeting with the leaders of the Ukrainian Delegation to discuss the Russian invasion.
-President Connolly, on behalf of the Bureau, writes to the Standing Committee, urging an expansion of military and humanitarian assistance and further massive, crippling and sustained sanctions and consequences.

1 MARCH 2022
The NATO PA Bureau meets with NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana to discuss the situation in Ukraine, Allied support and implications for NATO.

4 MARCH 2022
President Connolly, UNIC Co-Chairs and the Head of the Ukrainian Delegation meet to discuss the military and humanitarian situation in Ukraine and possible next steps to support Ukraine further.

9 APRIL 2022
The President meets with a group of Ukrainian refugees who had fled Ukraine for Greece.

10 APRIL 2022
-At the annual, early spring meeting of the Standing Committee in Athens, Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified war is at the centre of the agenda and discussions. 
-Ruslan Stefanchuk, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and Yehor Cherniev, Head of the Ukrainian Delegation to the NATO PA, engages with the Standing Committee.
-The Standing Committee agrees on a draft declaration on Standing with Ukraine, presented by Michal Szczerba (Poland), UNIC Co-Chair, for final adoption at the 2022 Spring Session. The President and the Rapporteur issue a statement, based on the agreed text.
-The Standing Committee also identifies five priorities to take account of the lasting, profound consequences of Russia’s actions:

  1. The Assembly must continue to demonstrate its support for Ukraine through regular statements and meetings with Ukrainian members of parliament.
  2. Members should continue to do their utmost to mobilise support for Ukraine in their respective parliaments and governments.
  3. The NATO PA will ensure that all Assembly bodies adopt a coordinated approach.
  4. The Assembly must prepare itself to assist Ukraine, and specifically the Verkhovna Rada, in the future.
  5. The Assembly must begin the process of assessing the long-term implications of the war on the Alliance’s risk assessment, capabilities, membership prospects and partnerships.

27-30 MAY 2022
The NATO PA  2022 Spring Session takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The Session was due to be held in Kyiv. However, in close coordination with the Ukrainian hosts, the Lithuanian Seimas generously offered to organise the Spring Session in Vilnius after Russia launched its unprovoked and unjustified war of choice against Ukraine. The NATO PA 2022 Spring Session in Vilnius is, for all intents and purposes, a Ukraine session in Vilnius. 

The Session demonstrates the Assembly’s unwavering, steadfast support for Ukraine and the Alliance’s resolve to deter against any threat to NATO members and to defend every inch of NATO territory.

Members of the Assembly exchange views directly with the Ukrainian delegation and highest-level Ukrainian government officials about Ukraine’s goals, expectations and needs. 

The Plenary Sitting adopts a declaration on Standing with Ukraine, authored by UNIC Co-Chair Michal Szczerba. Among other, the Assembly calls for: 

-    continued Allied unity and resolve in helping Ukraine defend itself; 
-    increasing the cost for Russia of its brutal and senseless war and condemning its crimes;
-    assisting victims and helping Ukraine’s reconstruction. 

The Assembly also endorses the creation of a special fund to support Ukraine’s democratic institutions.

The Russian war against Ukraine is a watershed moment for Euro-Atlantic security. Arguably, all Assembly activities in 2022 will revolve around Russian actions, Allied support and assistance to Ukraine as well as NATO’s immediate response and longer-term transformation.

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