Romanian and foreign journalists, who wish to attend the NATO PA Annual Session will need special accreditation.
The Accreditation Procedure will take place from 8 to 29 September. No accreditation applications will be accepted after 29 September.

Media representatives who are already accredited to the Parliament (Chamber of Deputies and/or Senate) should only complete the press accreditation form.
Journalists who are not accredited to the Parliament and who wish to attend the NATO PA Session, must send the completed accreditation form as requested, accompanied by a copy of their journalist permit, currently valid, and by a copy of their identity document (identity card or passport). 

The documents necessary to obtain accreditation should be submitted to the Romanian Press Secretariat in the Chamber of Deputies, 4th level, room 4099, or may be sent by fax, to + 40 (0) 21 312 0827 or by e-mail to  [email protected].

A special accreditation badge will be available to be collected, at the press point especially arranged at the entrance A3S2  (in front of Izvor Park) of the Parliament Palace from 22 September to 29 September, between 10 AM and 19 PM.  

Access for journalists will take place at entrance A3S2 only. 

The accreditation badge must be worn, during the entire duration of the event. When accessing the building, journalists must also have photographic identification with them.

If the special accreditation badge is lost, media representatives must contact immediately the Communication and Public Relations Directorate at + 40 (0) 21 414 1798.

TV broadcast trucks for live transmissions by the accredited TV channels can be parked only at the S1 level  of the Parliament Palace. 


Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Romania

For information on services to the press and questions on accreditation contact:

Head of the Press Office, Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Romania
Romanian Press Secretariat, Sala Manliu, Level P
Phone : + 40 21 414 1798 
Fax: + 40 (0) 21 312 0827
E-mail: [email protected] 
NATO Parliamentary Assembly

For Interview requests to members of parliament and committee guest speakers contact:
Head of the Press and Communication Service, NATO Parliamentary Assembly
Bratianu - E, Level P, Palace of Parliament
Mobile phone in Bucharest (from 5/10 to 9/10): + 40 753258738
Office in Brussels: + 32 25048154
E-mail: [email protected]  


Press Center “Iuliu Maniu”, Level    P
The press center “Iuliu Maniu” is equipped with internet and computers. The Wi-Fi network is available free of charge in the entire building.


Outside - Entrance C1
For live broadcast of the arrival of guests on Monday, 9 October, CTV broadcast trucks may station in the parking lot facing the Constitutional Court area starting on Sunday, 8 October, 18.00 (access to the courtyard of the Parliament Palace will be done only using auto accreditation badges at this event).  All preparations will end by 19.30.

On Monday 9 October, the technical staff of accredited televisions also has access to the main entrance C1, in the space for imaging opportunities, exclusively to install the equipment, starting at 6.00 a.m, after undergoing the security check at A3S2 entrance. All preparations will end by 07.30.

Level P1 - Hallway                                        
On the hallway facing the plenary Hall of the Chamber of Deputies there are special locations prepared for image opportunities and interviews. More so, after the meeting of the president of the Chamber of Deputies with the NATO PA president, scheduled for 8.20 in I. Duca Hall, level P1, there will be image opportunities in front of the Hall.
During the meeting of the presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate with NATO Secretary General, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, scheduled for 8.40 in Spanish Hall, level P1, only official photographs and camera operators are allowed inside. 


During the plenary session, live stand-ups will not be permitted from the plenary hall.
Photo reporters will have access to the presidium for image opportunities at the beginning of the session for 1 minute for each speaker.


Fact Sheet for the Press

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