President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Madeleine MOON (United Kingdom)


  • The transatlantic bond: The Assembly has an essential role in keeping the unique bond between Europe and North America strong, particularly through active engagement with the United States Congress. It should also continue to monitor progress towards fairer burden sharing inside NATO. 
  • NATO’s partnerships and Open Door Policy: The Assembly should support the historic breakthrough in relations between Greece and North Macedonia, especially by ensuring the prompt ratification of North Macedonia’s accession to NATO. The Assembly should also continue to actively support other aspirant countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Ukraine) on their reform and integration path. 
  • Supporting NATO’s 360 degree approach to today’s challenges: 
  • Europe and North America face an unprecedented set of complex threats from Russia, instability in the Alliance’s southern neighbourhood, climate change and changing security dynamics in the North Atlantic and the High North, new harmful technologies, disinformation and attempts to undermine democratic institutions, etc. The Assembly must keep an active focus on the whole range of these threats and NATO’s adaptation to address them. It should also help raise awareness of the growing need to enhance whole-of-society resilience.  
  • Women, Peace and Security: The Assembly can and should support the goals of the Women, Peace and Security agenda, including the greater participation of women in all fields of defence. 
  • Youth outreach:Governments and parliaments in Europe and North America must step up efforts to inform our youth about why defence matters, what NATO is and how it contributes to our shared security.
  • Building up the Assembly’s community: The NATO PA is a uniquely valuable network of policy-makers committed to the aims and values of the unique transatlantic alliance. This network can be further strengthened by better integrating new members, developing an alumni network, and ensuring a wider dissemination of the Assembly’s policy documents.


Madeleine Moon has represented the Bridgend constituency in South East Wales at Westminster since 2005.  Prior to becoming MP for Bridgend, she worked in child protection in a range of settings including registration and inspection of care services, was Porthcawl Town Mayor twice and a County Borough Councillor.

While in the House of Commons, she has worked as the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Lord Hunt when he was Minister of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change and to Jim Knight MP, when he was Minister of State at the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

She has served on several select committees, joining the Defence Select Committee in 2009. During her time as a member, she has chaired two sub-committees, producing reports on the safety and welfare of Armed Forces personnel on training exercises and defence in the Arctic.

Madeleine founded the All Party Group on Suicide and Self Harm Prevention. She is Vice Chair of the All Party Armed Forces Group, convener of the RAF group and Chair of the All Party Group on Reserves and Cadets. Her political interests include care for people with disabilities and older people, mental health, defence and the environment.

She has been a member of the UK Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly since 2010, and Deputy Head of the Delegation since 2015. In the NATO PA, Ms Moon has served on the Defence and Security Committee. A Vice-Chairperson of the Sub-Committee on Transatlantic Defence and Security Cooperation from 2012 to 2015, she was later elected as rapporteur of the Sub-Committee on Future Security and Defence Capabilities to produce reports on NATO and the Future Role of Naval Power (2016), The Space Domain and Allied Defence (2017), and NATO Special Forces in the Modern Security Environment (2018).

She was elected President of the NATO PA at the Assembly’s Annual Session in Halifax in November 2018.

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