2017 - RUSSIA - JUKNEVICIENE REPORT - 170 PC 17 E rev1 fin

08 September 2017

Report Title: Russia – From Partner to Competitor
Rapporteur: Rasa JUKNEVICIENE (Lithuania/Lituanie)
Year: 2017

NATO-Russia relations are currently at their lowest since the end of the Cold War. Moscow’s provocative stance and actions towards NATO, and aggressive actions against Ukraine, Georgia and other NATO partners, undermine the stability of the whole Euro-Atlantic area. Following up on previous reports of the Political Committee on Russia and NATO-Russia relations, this short paper focuses on security policy issues that are relevant for NATO and NATO Allies and for the development of the future NATO-Russia relationship. The report argues that NATO Allies need to remain committed to a strong deterrence posture and stand up to Russia’s continuing provocations and aggressions against NATO partner countries, particularly Ukraine and Georgia. To that end, implementation of the decisions taken at the Warsaw Summit is important. At the same time, NATO Allies need to complement deterrence with periodic, focused and meaningful dialogue with Russia. 

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