Gerald E. CONNOLLY (United States)

12 October 2019

This Sub-Committee report was adopted on Saturday 12 October 2019 by the Political Committee at the 65th Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in London, United Kingdom.

For the past 70 years, the Alliance has been the prime catalyst for close transatlantic policy co-operation and co-ordination – which has been pivotal in securing peace, prosperity and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area.  The fact that more countries want to join the Alliance is a testament to the significance of that triumph of liberal democracy.  

The report provides a short overview of NATO’s adaptation process and describes key challenges confronting the Allies in the 21st century. Although the Rapporteur, Mr Gerald Connolly (United States), stresses that NATO remains the best vehicle for Allies to pursue their own national interest he also acknowledges that past achievements do not guarantee future success.  To maintain the value of the Alliance in a rapidly changing security environment NATO member states need to adapt and modernise their military capabilities.  Moreover, the emphasis on shared values has been pivotal in maintaining Alliance cohesion for seven decades and will be decisive for continued success. 

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