Political party: Croatian Social Liberal Party
Country: Croatia
Chamber: House of Representatives
Address: c/o Maroje KATALINIC Hrvatski Sabor (HS) Croatian Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Trg Sv. Marka 6 HR-10000 ZAGREB
At the Assembly since: 2020
Committee(s) and Sub-Committee(s): DSC,ESC,GSM
Official website: Click Here


Mr. Hrebak graduated from the Pollice College in Zagreb, Police Academy of the Ministry of Interior. Upon graduating he served as a police inspector in the Department for Traffic Security, later on he held several positions in the Asylum and Foreign Citizens Department, Ministry of Interior. In October 2016 he was appointed to the position of a State Secretary in the Ministry of Interior where he holds his tenure until June 2017 when he was elected as the City Mayor of Bjelovar. In July 2020 he became an MP in the Croatian Parliament.

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