Political party: STAN (Mayors and Independents)
Country: Czech Republic
Chamber: Chamber of Deputies
Address: c/o Ms Kristyna Harakova International Relations Department Chamber of Deputies Snemovni 4 118 26 PRAGUE 1 Czech Republic
At the Assembly since: 2022
Committee(s) and Sub-Committee(s): DSC,GSM,STC/TTS,UNIC
Official website: Click Here


Ondrej graduated with a degree in pedagogy, earning a PhD from the Charles University in 2009. With experience in teaching, he served as an expert at the Ministry for Education and Youth for informal youth education within the EU. In 2014, Ondrej was elected a mayor of Mnichovo Hradiště town. Since 2021 he is a Member of Parliament, sitting on the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Economics Committee.

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