PAROLI Adriano


Political party: Forza Italia-Berlusconi for President
Country: Italy
Chamber: Senate of the Republic
Address: c/o Fabrizia Bientinesi Secretary of the Italian Delegation to the NATO PA Servizio rapporti internazionali Camera dei Deputati Via del Seminario n. 76, Palazzo San Macuto IT-00186 Roma
At the Assembly since: 2018
Committee(s) and Sub-Committee(s): ESC,ESC/TD,ESC/TER,UNIC
Official website: Click Here


Lawyer. From 1992 to 1994 he was a Member of the Municipal Council of Brescia and was appointed Alderman for town planning. In 1995 he was elected Provincial Alderman. He was a member of the Chamber of Deputies from 1996 to 2012 in the Forza Italia party. From 2006 to 2008, he was a member of the NATO PA and sat on the Economics and Security Committee. From 2008 to 2013, he was Mayor of Brescia. In March 2018, he was elected senator in the Forza Italia-Berlusconi for President list. He is Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Public Works and Communications. He also sits on the Committee on Elections and Parliamentary Immunities. He sits on the Economic Committee of the NATO Parliamntary Assembly and is full member of the Ukraine –NATO Interparliamentary Committe (UNIC).

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