Head of the Delegation

Political party: Civic Coalition
Country: Poland
Chamber: Sejm
Address: c/o Artur ZANIEWSKI Secretary of the Polish Delegation to the NATO PA Chancellery of the Sejm Bureau of International Affairs SEJM ul. Wiejska 4/6/8 PL-00-902 WARSAW
At the Assembly since: 2013
Committee(s) and Sub-Committee(s): DSC,DSC/TC,GNIC,GSM,SC
Official website: Click Here


Michal Szczerba was elected President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in October 2023 during the 69th Annual Session, Copenhagen, Denmark 2023. His mandate came to an end in June 2024. Michal Szczerba has been a Member of Polish Parliament since 2007. His constituency is the Capital City of Warsaw. He is the Head of the Polish Delegation and has been a member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly for almost 15 years (2007-2011, 2013-to present day). During the NATO PA Annual Session in Madrid 2022, he was elected as NATO PA Vice President. Previously (2022-2023), he served as Co-Chairperson of the Ukraine-NATO Interparliamentary Council (UNIC). This position allowed him to help mobilise support unwavering support for Ukraine. In addition, he authored the Assembly’s Declaration 474 “Standing with Ukraine" and Declaration 482 "United and Resolute in Support of Ukraine", which were unanimously adopted during, respectively, the 2022 Spring Session in Vilnius and the 2023 Spring Session in Luxembourg. In 2019, the NATO PA Bureau entrusted him with the role of Head of the NATO PA delegation for the election observation mission for the presidential elections in Ukraine. The Assembly's participation in election observation was seen as yet another demonstration of the NATO PA's commitment to strengthening cooperation with Ukraine and supporting the country's democratic transition. He is a member of the Economics and Security Committee. He was the Chair and Rapporteur of the Sub-Committee on Transition and Development.  In his parliamentary work, he specialises in actions supporting Ukraine and Georgia as well as civil society in Belarus. Among his numerous activities at the NATO PA, he has drafted several reports: "Belarus: Political, Economic and Diplomatic Challenges" (2021); "The Western Balkans: Russia's war on Ukraine and the Region's Enduring Challenges" (2022), “Toward the Reconstruction of Ukraine” (2023). In addition to his work at the NATO PA, he has experience as member of the Polish delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (2012-2015). During the 2012 session, a Resolution he drafted on the situation in Georgia was adopted. The President of Georgia awarded him with the Order of Honour. In the Polish Parliament he currently serves as Chairperson of an Investigative Committee (SKPC), Deputy Chairperson of the Senior Citizen Policy Committee, member of the Human Rights and Justice Committee and of the State Audit Committee. He was also a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Michal Szczerba is a leading Polish parliamentarian supporting Ukraine, Georgia and civil society in Belarus.

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