Political party: Civic Democratic Party
Country: Czech Republic
Chamber: Chamber of Deputies
Address: c/o Ms Kristyna Harakova International Relations Department Chamber of Deputies Snemovni 4 CZ-118 26 PRAGUE 1
At the Assembly since: 2018
Committee(s) and Sub-Committee(s): ESC/TD,GSM,PC
Official website: Click Here


Pavel dedicated his career to fighting for ideals of the Czech Velvet Revolution. He worked as an editor-in-chief for Studentské listy and Lidové noviny and held several positions in the civil service. He was the first director of a then-newly established Office for Documentation and Investigation of the Crimes of Communism. Since 2017, he has served as a Member of Parliament. He is the current Chairman of the Security Committee, while also sitting on the Defence Committee. Pavel is a member of the Standing Commission for Control of the National Cyber and Information Security Agency, the Standing Commission for Oversight of the Military Intelligence Service, the Standing Commission for Oversight of the Office for Foreign Relations and Information.

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