NATO PA Leadership discusses NATO priorities and solidarity and the Assembly’s future plans

22 June 2020

Today, the Bureau of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) held its third remote meeting.

“As the COVID-19 crisis persists and Allies continue to face other challenges and threats, I have made it a priority for the Assembly’s leadership to come together on a regular basis to exchange views and chart the way forward – for us as an Assembly and for us as Allied parliamentarians,” said President Mesterhazy (Hungary) ahead of the meeting. 

“Last week’s NATO Defence Ministerial Meeting underlined the vital work the Alliance continues to carry out to protect the one billion people living in our member states. Defence ministers  strengthened NATO’s deterrence and defence posture in the face of Russia’s increasing nuclear arsenal and called on China, which is developing its own advanced capabilities, to join arms control discussions. They also took stock of NATO missions and operations, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq. They endorsed preparations for a possible second COVID-19 wave, and updated guidelines for national resilience. Lastly, they discussed issues related to Allied solidarity,” said President Mesterhazy. “All these matters will be on the agenda of our Assembly’s online meetings in the coming weeks.” 

“Even though we still cannot meet physically, the normal business of the Assembly must continue. We therefore also reviewed several  statutory and internal matters during out meeting.”

Going forward, the Assembly will continue with virtual meetings addressing the COVID-19 crisis and other matters on the transatlantic security agenda. Soon, its five Committees and Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group (GSM) will meet to discuss draft special reports on the short- and long-term impact of the COVID-19 crisis as well as draft reports on other critical security issues.

The NATO PA Bureau consists of the President, Vice-Presidents and Treasurer. The Secretary General, the Head of the United States delegation and members of the outgoing Bureau also participate in its meetings. 

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