NATO PA President and US Delegation meet with US Vice President Mike Pence

22 February 2017

Brussels, 22 February 2017 - On the margins of the Assembly’s Annual meetings in Brussels and of US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Brussels, Mr Pence, NATO PA President Paolo Alli and members of the US delegation discussed the importance of the Parliamentary dimension of the transatlantic relationship.

Mr Alli stressed the relevance of the Assembly in building the support needed within national parliaments to address critical Alliance issues such as burden sharing and defeating international terrorism.

The Assembly’s Annual meetings of its Defence and Security Committee, Political Committee and Economics and Security Committee provide a unique opportunity for legislators of the 28 national parliaments making up the Assembly to meet with top NATO and EU leaders. The highlight of this gathering is the meeting of the Assembly’s governing body – the Standing Committee - and NATO’s governing body - the North Atlantic Council, a meeting co-chaired by the Assembly President and the NATO Secretary General.

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