Statement of the Bureau of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly on the grave security crisis provoked by Russia

21 February 2022

Faced with the threat of major war in Europe, the Bureau of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) is united in its strong condemnation of Russia’s reckless and unjustified military build-up in and around Ukraine and aggressive actions. 

We stand by Ukraine, its independence, territorial integrity, right to self-defence and sovereign right to choose its own path free from intimidation or the threat of aggression. Ukraine is threatened today because it has chosen the path of democracy and European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

As an alliance of democracies, NATO Allies reject Russia’s attempts to undermine core principles of the rules-based international order. Exclusive spheres of influence have no place in the international system. We firmly support NATO’s Open Door policy, over which no third country holds a veto. As a defensive military alliance, NATO reaffirms that Allied security is indivisible and rejects Russia’s attempts to divide the Alliance. 

We support the pursuit of all available diplomatic means to find a resolution. Our nations must continue to offer Russia dialogue on legitimate security concerns – theirs and ours. NATO and Allies have offered such a positive path forward. 

President Putin still has time to step back from the precipice of irrevocable military escalation and pursue diplomacy and meaningful dialogue. We regret that, so far, Russia has not demonstrated its willingness to deescalate.

If Russia chooses to pursue further aggression and attempts an invasion of Ukraine, our parliaments stand ready to support severe consequences.

We also support the important decisions to strengthen NATO’s deterrence, defence and reassurance posture. 

The NATO PA will continue to visibly demonstrate its unwavering support for Ukraine’s democracy, sovereignty, territorial integrity and Euro-Atlantic integration, working closely with our colleagues in Ukraine’s parliament. 

Putin is attempting to stamp out democracy in Ukraine and intimidate other countries where the embers of democratic ambition burn. This crisis demonstrates the relevance and timeliness of the NATO PA recommendation to place shared democratic values at the heart of NATO’s Strategic Concept and establish, within NATO Headquarters, a Center for Democratic Resilience

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