Function : Head of the Swedish Delegation to the NATO PA

Presentation : Opening Ceremony, Friday 14 May, 15:00-16:00


Karin Enström is a member of Swedish Parliament, the Riksdag, representing the Moderate Party. Ms Enström is Chair of the Swedish Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Chair of the Committee on the Constitution and Deputy Member of the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs. Between 2012 and 2014, Ms Enström served as the Swedish Minister for Defence. Ms Enström served as the Chair of the Swedish Defence Commission in 2008-2012. 

Ms Enström has held several positions at the Riksdag since 1998, including Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (2010-2012), Member of the Committee on Defence (2002-2010) and various positions (including Chair) on the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence (1999-2010).  

Before her time in parliament, Ms Enström served as an officer in the First Marine Regiment and was trained at the Swedish Royal Naval Academy (1985-1987) and the Swedish Royal Naval War College (1988, 1993).  

Ms Enström was born in 1966, is married and has three children.  

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