Function : Brigadier General of the Austrian Armed Forces, Director of the Institute for Peace Support and Conflict Management (IFK), National Defence Academy, Austria


Walter Feichtinger, Brigadier, Mag. Dr., born 1956, director of the Institute for Peace Support and Conflict Management (IFK) at the National Defence Academy in Vienna. Walter Feichtinger is a member of the Board of the European Forum Alpbach, lecturer in the Strategic Leadership Course, lecturer and member of the Advisory Board Danube University/Krems as well as a founding member of the International Society of Military Sciences (ISMS). Graduate of the Military Academy 1979, tank officer, since 1998 at the National Defence Academy. 2001 Doctorate in Political Science, 2001-2002 Advisor for Security and Defence Policy to the Austrian Federal Chancellery, 2001 – 2005 Secretary General of the Austrian Officers’ Association. Author of numerous contributions to security policy and international crisis management, publisher of "IFK Aktuell", "IFK Monitor" and "International Security and Conflict Management" (Böhlau) as well as co-editor of "Security and Peace" (Nomos). Since March 2017 video blog on security issues "Feichtinger kompakt". 

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