NATO Parliamentarians tackle cyber security preparedness, response, and recovery in cyber crisis table-top exercise

21 February 2020

Brussels, 21 February - On Wednesday 19 February, 23 NATO Parliamentary Assembly members from 17 member states participated in a cyber security exercise organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and CybExer Technologies. The executive-level exercise was aimed at enhancing preparedness for cyber incidents and attacks.

The exercise focused on ways to respond to and recover from a cyber crisis. Parliamentarians gained important insights into the implications of cyber incidents and attacks, and the multifaceted tools necessary to respond to them.

Effective interaction between government agencies from national, state, and communal levels as well as with the media and the general public is essential – as is a coordinated effort among NATO member nations to assist each other in responding and recovering from such attacks.  

NATO Parliamentarians will also raise the issue of how to prepare against cyber attacks in their national parliaments.

Speaking at the event, Njall Trausti Fridbertsson (Iceland), Vice-Chairperson of the NATO PA’s Science and Technology Committee (STC) said: “This exercise, and the lessons we will draw from it will help us to better understand the challenges that we are facing in the cyber world and what we can do to protect us from cyber campaigns.” 

Matej Tonin (Slovenia), Chairperson of the Sub-Committee on Technology Trends and Security of the STC, also shared his insights: “Parliamentarians have deep experience in managing traditional security crises. Now that cyber space has become a theatre of competition and conflict, we must understand how to react to cyber crises, too. This cyber exercise has been extremely useful in sharpening our minds.”

For further information, read the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia’ s press release.
Photos of the event are public and can be found on the NATO PA Flickr account. 

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