Statement of President Madeleine Moon on the Deadly Helicopter Accident in Mali

26 November 2019

Brussels/London, 26 November 2019 – President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Madeleine Moon (UK), has issued this statement following the deadly collision of two French military helicopters during a combat operation in Mali on Monday 25 November.

“With deepest sorrow, I received the news that thirteen French soldiers died serving their country in support of a counter-terrorist operation in Mali. These courageous soldiers will be recognised as loyal servants to their country, brave souls of integrity, and heroes. We honour and commend their service to their country and the sacrifices they and their families have made to keep us safe.

On behalf of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, I send sincerest condolences to all families who lost their loved ones in this dreadful tragedy. Words cannot express the depth of the pain they must be going through. I am also profoundly saddened that our dear friend and colleague, member of the French Delegation, Senator Jean-Marie Bockel, lost his son in this terrible accident. I fervently hope that the support, strength, and prayers of Jean Marie’s friends and colleagues will provide some comfort and help to sustain him and his family as they endure this most terrible pain and grief.”

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