Transatlantic Bond and NATO’s Political and Defence Agenda in focus at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s annual Brussels meeting

14 February 2020

Brussels, 14 February 2019 – Members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) will gather in Brussels from 17 to 19 February for discussions with leading NATO, EU, and national officials, and to review key challenges, political, and defence priorities for the Alliance. The security situation in the Middle East and North Africa, NATO-EU cooperation, and cyber security and defence are also at the top the legislators’ agenda. 

Taking place just days after NATO Defence Ministers gathered in Brussels, the NATO PA’s meeting will begin on Monday 17 February with the annual meeting with the Permanent Representatives to the North Atlantic Council under the joint chairmanship of NATO PA Acting President, Attila Mesterhazy (Hungary), and NATO Secretary General and Chairman of the North Atlantic Council, Jens Stoltenberg.

Over three days, some 120 legislators from 26 NATO countries will meet with top NATO, EU, and national officials, including Philippe Goffin, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defence, NATO Assistant Secretary Generals Ambassador Bettina Cadenbach, Antonio Missiroli, and John Manza, as well as Pawel Herczynski, Acting Deputy Secretary-General for Crisis Response and Conflict Prevention and Security Policy, European External Action Service (EEAS).

On Wednesday, members of the NATO PA will also participate in a special interactive cyber deterrence event, organised in cooperation with Estonia and Cyberex Technologies. The executive-level table-top exercise will help legislators prepare for cyber crises through engaging in a realistic cyber exercise representative of the types of incident to be expected in the future.

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These events are not public. There will be no media opportunity.

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