Function : Associate professor and deputy research director of the Russia and Eurasia studies programme at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)

Presentation : Political Committee, Friday 14 May,16:30-19:30


Dr. Gudrun Persson is deputy research director at FOI, and associate professor at the Department of Slavic Studies, Stockholm University. She focuses on Russian foreign policy, and Russian military strategic thought. She lectures regularly at Stockholm University and Uppsala University, and has published widely on Russian affairs, including four monographs. She is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences, and holds a Ph.D. in Government from the LSE, London. Among her latest publications are “On War and Peace: Russian Security Policy and Military-Strategic Thinking” in Rosefielde, Steven (ed.) Putin’s Russia: Economy, Defence and Foreign Policy (2020), and “Russian thoughts on hybrid war and colour revolutions”, Book-review, Russian Studies Series 1/20, Nato Defense College. 



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