Function : Head, NGO Blue/Yellow


Jonas Ohman is of Swedish origin, living in Lithuania. He is a filmmaker, translator, journalist and language teacher. At the beginning of the war in Ukraine he, together with partners and friends in Lithuania, set up NGO Blue/Yellow for support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and for helping the civilian population in Donbass area.
During five years of war the organization har provided support for over 600 000 EUR. At present Blue/Yellow is cooperating daily with partners, civilian and military, in Ukraine and elsewhere. At some occasions, the support provided has been of crucial importance to the defense efforts.
Jonas has been awarded 10 times for his actions in Ukraine, by armed forces units, ministries and by the presidents of Ukraine and LIthuania. He is the only foreigner who has been awarded the medal for "The defense of Avdiivka".

At present he splits his time between teaching Swedish in Lithuania and continuing to help Ukraine.

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