Function : Vice-Admiral, Norwegian Military Representative to NATO


Vice Admiral Louise K. Dedichen serves as the Norwegian Military Representative to NATO from the 1st of January 2020. She was appointed on June 21st, 2019. 

Dedichen came from the position as Commandant of the Norwegian Defence University College (NDUC). The NDUC is dedicated to higher education and research in the field of security and defence policy, military power and the conduct of war, leadership and military athletic skills. It is an academically independent institution that provides research and education at the master and bachelor levels to military professionals from all branches of the Norwegian Armed Forces, their partners and to eligible civilians. 
During her time at the NDUC, Dedichen led the most comprehensive restructuring of national military education for officers and NCOs in modern times. She was tasked to ensure a complete merge, restructuring and streamlining of all military education. All military academies and NCO schools are now incorporated in the NDUC, which is today a joint military university college for all services. 

Dedichen led the most comprehensive restructuring of national military education for officers and NCOs in modern times.

After starting her military career at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy in 1983, she got her seagoing experience on board HNoMS Trondheim as paymaster. This was followed by duty in various positions in the Defence Logistic Organisation, the Defence staff and in the Ministry of Defence. Dedichen has served as spokesperson to CHOD and to two different Ministers of Defence. In 2006 she was appointed to Commodore and took up the position as Commandant of the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College. 

Dedichen graduated from College Interarmès de Dèfense in Paris in 2003. Studying in France marked a start of a close relationship to the country, and in 2011 she was awarded Ordre national du Mérite for her efforts in strengthening the cooperation between France and Norway. 
She was appointed Rear Admiral in 2008, as the first female officer to reach OF7 level. 

Advocating gender equality:

She was awarded the Chief of Defence’s prize for equality in 2014 for her efforts in advocating gender equality in the Armed Forces. Dedichen is chair of the independent cross-sector initiative organisation SHEconomy. In her capacity as Commandant of NDUC, she launched seminars in order to promote knowledge of defence and security policy and leadership among groups, and particularly women, outside of the Armed Forces. 

Initiative, effort and responsibility:
edichen has also been awarded the Norwegian reserve officers medal for her contribution to enhance the cooperation between the Armed Forces and the Reserve Officers’ Association. For her, initiative, effort and responsibility are defining traits. In close cooperation with the Norwegian Olympic Top, she initiated Next Step, Norway, an academic program for military veterans and Olympian athletes, aiming for a smoother transition into a second career. The initiative is highly appreciated by the International Olympic Committee. 

Focus on security:
In her capacity as the Norwegian Military Representative, Dedichen will carry on her predecessor’s timely focus on the security challenges in the High North. From the Norwegian perspective, bringing situational awareness to the Northern flank makes NATOs strategy even more sustainable and comprehensive. 

Dedichen is from Fredrikstad, Norway. She has two grown-up daughters and is married to Per Høiby

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