The 66th Annual Session – the highlight of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s annual cycle of activities – was due to be held in Athens, Greece. In light of the continued spread and unpredictable evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NATO PA Standing Committee decided to hold the Assembly’s annual session online.

From 18 to 23 November, all 269 members of parliament from the 30 NATO members and about 100 members from some 30 partner countries and parliamentary bodies will have the opportunity to gather and discuss the key issues affecting the security of the Euro-Atlantic area. 

Importantly, they will discuss and adopt Committee Reports and Policy Recommendations. Moreover, the Assembly's President, senior representatives of the government of Greece – the original host –, and NATO's Secretary General will address the Session’s Plenary Sittings.

The COVID-19 pandemic will be a key theme throughout the 2020 Annual Session. Notably, a special meeting will be dedicated to COVID-19’s impact, including on citizens’ health and even their way of life, the global economy, and international security.

Despite this unprecedented crisis, it is essential that the Assembly continues to address the other critical challenges the transatlantic Alliance faces. Members of parliament will, therefore, also tackle the Assembly’s key 2020 priorities:

-    the transatlantic relationship
-    NATO adaptation, including with NATO Secretary General’s NATO2030 reflection process 
-    Russia’s continuing challenge
-    Middle East and North Africa and the Sahel region
-    the challenges of China’s rise
-    NATO’s partnerships and the Open Door policy
-    the science and technology edge in an era of emerging and disruptive technologies
-    women, peace, and international security
-    education and information about NATO

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Welcome Message by Attila Mesterhazy, NATO PA President

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Welcome Message by Marietta Giannakou, Head of the Greek Delegation to NATO

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