Statement of the NATO PA President on North Macedonia

17 March 2020

Brussels, 17 March 2020 - The President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Mr Attila Mesterhazy (Hungary), issued the following statement: 

“Today, our friends and colleagues in the Senate of Spain have ratified North Macedonia’s accession to NATO. This opens the way for North Macedonia to become NATO’s 30th member as soon as the instrument of accession is deposited in Washington.  I wholeheartedly congratulate our friends in North Macedonia. Their upcoming accession will bring new stability and prosperity for their people, and will also strengthen our unique NATO alliance.  I am looking forward to the Assembly of North Macedonia joining as full members at the next meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. I also want to thank all NATO PA delegations for playing such an active role in securing prompt ratification. I am particularly grateful to the Spanish parliament for ensuring that this important decision could be made even during the difficult period all our nations are currently going through.” 

The Republic of North Macedonia was invited to join NATO in July 2018 and the Accession Protocol to the North Atlantic Treaty was signed in February 2019. This launched the ratification process in the national parliaments of all NATO member countries as well as in Skopje. The NATO Parliamentary Assembly, which brings together leading members of parliament from all NATO member countries, played a key role in actively monitoring and encouraging parliamentary ratification of the accession. Spain’s ratification concludes the ratification process, as the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia already ratified the North Atlantic Treaty on 11 February 2020. 

North Macedonia thus stands ready to deposit the instrument of accession with the United States Department of State, the depositary of the Treaty. This will complete the country’s accession process. As soon as North Macedonia joins NATO, the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia will become a full member of the NATO PA.