NATO PA President calls for respect for state integrity and recommitment to political dialogue in Bosnia and Herzegovina

13 December 2021

The President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA), Gerald E. Connolly (United States) issued the following statement regarding recent political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

“I have been monitoring the latest developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina with concern. The adoption of a set of conclusions by the Republika Srpska National Assembly on 10 December calling for the drafting of legislation to withdraw from state-level institutions, including the armed forces, and establish parallel ones at the entity level threatens to undermine the current constitutional order and gravely exacerbate tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The NATO PA unambiguously supports the territorial integrity, sovereignty, unity and constitutional order of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Parliamentarians from Allied countries have expressed their concern on multiple occasions that any attempts to challenge the Dayton Peace Accords could jeopardise the achievements of the past 26 years and undermine the peace and stability of the country and the broader region.

I therefore urge political actors in the Republika Srpska to abstain from further unilateral actions. I call on all leaders in the country to urgently reengage, in the framework of the state institutions, in constructive dialogue to solve their differences and ensure the stability and prosperity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the benefit of all of the country’s citizens.”

The NATO PA has long engaged in a sustained dialogue with the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has been an Associate Member since 2007 after holding the status of Parliamentary Observer since 2000. The complex situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina was a key topic at the NATO PA’s Rose-Roth seminar held in Belgrade in October 2021, which featured an address by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Josip Brkic.

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