NATO PA President welcomes resumption of indirect talks on Iranian nuclear deal

07 April 2021

NATO Parliamentary Assembly President Gerald E. Connolly (United States) commented on the resumption of discussions on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) on Iran’s nuclear programme, involving indirect talks between the United States and Iran:
“We welcome the start of talks in Vienna on the issues involved in a mutual return to compliance with the JCPoA on the part of Iran and on the part of the United States. The JCPoA offered a robust and enforceable arms control regime and had a proven record of compliance. Getting back to compliance is a matter of utmost priority. 
The Assembly supports clear-eyed diplomacy on arms control, without naïveté and combined with strong deterrence. Reviving diplomatic efforts on the JCPoA is therefore a welcome first step. 
At the same time, many other serious challenges remain. We must continue to pressure Russia to bring it back into compliance with its international obligations. China must also be convinced to join new arms control agreements addressing the country’s modern and growing nuclear arsenal. Moreover, North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and ballistic missile programme pose a serious security threat to NATO and its partners. 
On all of these issues, NATO members should work hand-in-hand in the spirit of a revived transatlantic Alliance.”

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