NATO Parliamentarians set to review security challenges in the MENA region

22 November 2017

Rome, 22 November 2017 - On 23 and 24 November, a Joint Seminar of the Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group (GSM) and the Sub-Committee on Transatlantic Defence and Security Cooperation (DSCTC) will be held in Rome, Italy.

The event, which has been organised in conjunction with the Italian Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) led by Andrea Manciulli, will consider a range of topics including the situation in Libya and North Africa, the migration crisis, the situation in Syria and Iraq, the terrorist threat to Europe and the Western Balkans, and countering radicalisation and violent extremism. Participants will also consider a draft report presented by Andrea Manciulli on the threat posed by ISIL/DAESH and Al Qaeda to Europe. That report is available here.

One hundred members of parliament from 35 countries will attend the Seminar, including MPs from NATO Member and Associate Member States, associated Mediterranean countries, Gulf states and countries on the southern rim of the Mediterranean. The Seminar will also hear from academics and security experts specialising in the Mediterranean and Middle East.

Among the Italian speakers are: Paolo Gentiloni, Prime Minister; Laura Boldrini, President of the Chamber of Deputies; Angelino Alfano, Minister Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Roberta Pinotti, Minister of Defense; Marco Minniti, Minister of Interior; General Claudio Graziano, Chief of the Defence Staff; Cosimo Ferri, Undersecretary for Justice; and Paolo Alli, the President of the NATO PA. Other speakers include: Robin Wright, a noted US journalist and a distinguished fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington DC; François Burgat, the Research Director at the French National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS); Luigi Soreca, Director Security at DG Security Home Affairs at the European Commission; Rosemary Hollis, a Professor of International Politics at the City University of London; and Frederic Wehrey, Senior Fellow in the Middle East Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The GSM of the NATO PA is a forum through which MPs from NATO Member States and MPs from Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) countries meet to discuss political and security issues and promote cooperation. The group provides a forum for dialogue with countries in the Mediterranean area that are not members of NATO.

The seminar will be streamed live on the WebTV and satellite channel of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and can also be followed on Twitter at #GSMRome.

Information for the press:
Accreditation (by Wednesday 22 November): ; 06 6760 2125 – 2866
Accreditation for parliamentary press and professional journalists: Sergio Amici and Marco Di Fonzo

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