Statement of the President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly on Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine

24 February 2022

This morning President Vladimir Putin has decided to jump off the precipice and start a war of choice. We condemn his actions and those of his regime in the strongest terms and reaffirm our Assembly's unwavering support for Ukraine, its sovereignty, territorial integrity and right to self-defense and self-determination. We stand by Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the face of this naked aggression. We will hold the Russian regime accountable for the death, suffering and crimes it commits.
There is no justification for Russia’s aggression other than a desire to gain control over Ukraine and crush Ukraine’s democracy and European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations. The war it has started contravenes the most basic principles underlying the international order since the end of World War II – principles which Moscow has freely signed on to. It threatens Euro-Atlantic security.
Russia must immediately cease all combat and hybrid operations against Ukraine.
The world must stand united. Allies and all responsible nations and institutions must now implement the comprehensive package of massive, crippling and sustained sanctions and consequences which our parliaments fully support. We fully support the decisions the Alliance has taken to further strengthen NATO’s deterrence, defence and reassurance posture, and Allies must now prepare to reinforce this posture as the situation dictates. Our nations are ready to defend every corner of NATO territory.

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