25 April 2024

In the evolving landscape of the 21st century, the Global South has emerged as a pivotal player, wielding significant influence in shaping the dynamics of our interconnected world. The mixed global reaction to Russia’s illegal and brutal full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022 has shattered the entrenched binary view of international politics. From a NATO perspective, acknowledging the significance of the Global South is not only a matter of geopolitical awareness but also a strategic imperative, as malign actors, particularly Russia and China, are vying for leadership in the Global South.

The draft report reflects on the growing international clout of the Global South, particularly in the wake of the Russian war against Ukraine, and aims to assess the effectiveness of global powers’ efforts to make the Global South their geopolitical allies. The draft report also discusses NATO’s efforts to engage with this vast region.

The Rapporteur advocates a clear-eyed approach to engaging with the Global South, including focusing on pragmatic cooperation, incentivising those in the Global South who choose to back the Euro-Atlantic community on global issues such as supporting Ukraine, reaffirming that Western democracies remain the most attractive partner for any nation seeking economic development and security, countering Russian and Chinese authoritarian narratives, redoubling efforts to engage with India and reinforcing NATO’s tools to engage with the Global South.