30 April 2024

The full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia in February 2022 shook the foundations of European security, prompting NATO to, inter alia, increase support to vulnerable partners, or  ‘partners at risk’, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova. 

This preliminary draft report examines the security, geopolitical and internal challenges faced by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova, focusing on post-2022 developments and the support provided by Allies and the EU. The preliminary draft report discusses the efforts of malign authoritarian actors, especially Russia, to destabilise these countries and derail their European and/or Euro-Atlantic integration. The Rapporteur notes that both NATO and the EU made bold strategic decisions to reenergise support and integration processes and urges all three partners to capitalise on this increased EU and NATO buy-in by accelerating reforms and promoting national reconciliation. 

The preliminary report calls for robust support for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s newly found reform momentum, together with countering dangerous secessionism, thus preventing security vacuums. Georgia faces continued Russian aggression, necessitating strengthened practical support and potential political upgrades, contingent on democratic progress and support for Ukraine. Moldova’s defiance against Russian pressure and commitment to reform should be rewarded and supported. Reassuring these partners not only advances their aspirations but also strengthens the broader Euro-Atlantic community’s resilience against authoritarian threats.